Tap into today’s market-leading businesses

At ADIT Ventures, we offer access to equity in private firms that we believe are driving today’s market and shaping tomorrow’s economy. 

A family office with over a century of combined financial experience, we’re also a family team of experts committed to investments that create positive change. Learn how we can help you build a portfolio of private start-ups and emerging market leaders.

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Changing the Way You Invest

Markets are changing, and investments are too. Companies are taking longer to exit, but investors are still building their portfolios of potentially market-leading companies — before they go public. See how ADIT Ventures can give you access to your own late-stage investments, with potentially less risk than many early-stage start-up investments.

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Be An Informed Investor

Invest in industries shaping tomorrow’s market

With an ADIT late-stage private equity fund, you’re investing in tomorrow’s market. Create a portfolio that’s built for the future, with investments focused on cultural and technological trends that have the potential to define the next financial generation.

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Get tomorrow’s potential top stocks — today

At ADIT, we source private stocks exclusively from businesses that meet our high standards for corporate ethics, strong leadership, and environmental protection. See how our funds let you invest in dynamic, sustainable private businesses that strive to lead the way to a better world.

Work With Us

Invest in our fund, sell your private shares, and learn more about working with ADIT Ventures.

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Get updates from our experts, browse stock updates, and explore emerging trends that are shaping the market.

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We help investors become more financially sophisticated by providing you with a gateway to accreditation.

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